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Meet the Team

With over 15 years of experience in marketing and advertising and customer service, the team at

Aviator Digital is highly qualified to assist with all your marketing needs.



Brendan Tibballs is the co-owner and Marketing Specialist for Aviator Digital. With over 15 years of experience in the Marketing and Content Creation industry, he has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that shines through in his work.


Brendan's passion for marketing comes from wanting to help other businesses build their brand awareness as well as their potential sales income.


He is a dad to 2 beautiful children, they are his main focus and drive behind being able to provide a life with financial freedom, sun, surf and sand!


Tash Tibballs is the co-owner and Marketing Specialist for Aviator Digital. With over 18 years of experience in various Customer Service industries, she has a vast amount of knowledge she can draw on when creating engaging content and advertising campaigns for her clients.


Tash's main focus is to take away the stress for her clients and free up their time to allow them to work Smarter not Harder and achieve a more successful work, life balance.


She is the mum of 2 cheeky monkeys who challenge her daily to pursue her dreams and strive for only the best for her family. 

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Become a Digital Marketer and create freedom for yourself and your clients!

Imagine creating a life of abundance not only for yourself but for so many other people,

just by helping them with their marketing!

If you are interested in learning more for a new career or adding another string to your bow, becoming a Digital Marketer has endless options.

This webinar is presented by James Wellington from the Digital Marketing School.

James developed a six-figure a month agency in 90 days, using the course structure.

Not only is James a student but is now also a partner in running the school. 

Here are some key takeouts from the webinar:

  • How the T.A.P System is the key to automating your income and leveraging your life

  • The number one thing the top 1% of marketers don't want you to know that makes it simple to get results for clients

  • The '90-Day Game Plan' seed to grow brands to six-figure per month run rate

It goes for 60 minutes and is well worth the watch. It has benefited us here at Aviator Digital and may do the same for you and your career or business! 

Become a Digital Marketer

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